A Mostly New Laura(Noll.com)

With the humblest of beginnings in 2012, I registered lauranoll.com.

I’d been out of college for a handful of years and was searching for a new gig. High hopes of escaping print design landed me in front of a domain registrar and snatching my name out of the grasps of the Laura Noll’s that had come before me.

One, a Market Research Manager for Avery Dennison Label and Packaging, would become my lifelong Google ranking nemesis. Marketer and Market Research are apparently too close for search comfort. Another, a Kansas City psychologist, would also challenge the ranks – at least when searching local.

My own search rankings would run the gamut from photographer to marketing contractor. I’d been a contributor to a bajillion blogs – all outranking me on my own name. LinkedIn and Facebook would sing my praises while a long-forgotten ebook I’d authored scratched and clawed its way into page 1. A harrowing deletion of my Google Plus profile left much to be desired in the white spaces surrounding my name and former profile image.

Yes. It appears that in those 6 years – I haven’t done much to help my own presence on the web.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I even realized I owned the @lauranoll Twitter handle. Trendy collegiate Laura still had a few tricks up her sleeve and somehow, then-Laura hacked her way through a few memorable email/password combos to reveal the gift.

And if we’re talking about the styling of a graphic designer’s website, plenty here has been left to the imagination. In a mind where one is overwhelmed by possibility – I’ve frozen and, instead, directed the inspiration at my brands.

My brands.

Back track even a bit further – to the earliest beginnings of my design, marketing and experience career – and the brands I’ve worked with along the way are something of a truly inspired life. We’ve created award-winning projects, international campaigns, viral content, told unparalleled stories and evolved unprecedented experiences.

Inside of the white backgrounds and simple text of my own website, there are tremendous stories of the places we’ve gone and things we’ve accomplished together.

Let that be what you find among the mostly new lauranoll.com.

I’m still writing mostly random things. I’m still designing mostly awesome projects. I’m still collaborating with marketing and experience teams that are mostly breaking a lot of industry standards. Now, you can actually come here to keep learning about it all.

The travel stories are piled in with the work stories, project stories and general life happenings. The content flows and the organization probably lacks. If nothing more, I can say “welcome to my brain, friends.” Endlessly creative randomness filtered with chaos and stamped with sarcasm.


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