My dear child

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I’ve written to you a thousand and one times before. In fact, our bookcase is subtly dotted with journals of my letters to you – conveniently also chronicling the ridiculousness of my 20s which will, without a doubt, help you along your own journey some day. At the very least, maybe it will point you in an incredible direction of your own.

Writing now is much different. Where, before, I only dreamed of meeting you – now, I can literally count the days until we see your face. That fact alone is incredible.

I can’t begin to tell you how much we’ve hoped for you. We’ve talked about you for more than a year. I’ve cried over not already having you for the last 6 months. Before we knew of you, we knew your name and all the adventures we would share. We mentioned your presence in most things we would do. Know that you were brought into a life meticulously prepared with so much love and joy that we simply couldn’t go on without you here.

I have so many things to tell you. In the midst of finding my own place in the world and experiencing a life I’ve designed, I hope that I have learned exceptional lessons to share with you. I hope that I can offer you wise advice. I hope that I can live up to everything you’ll need me to be just for the sheer awesomeness of supporting the incredible person you’re destined to become.

In this moment, we absolutely cannot wait to see you on a screen. We’re over the moon at the idea of seeing a giant belly soon. The adventure we’re just beginning is almost as exciting as the promise of you at its end. For that, I could not be more grateful. I cannot wait to see the incredible dad yours is bound to become. I cannot wait for the sheer joy and excitement we’ll see when we tell all your grandparents. Know that your Uncle Bud and Aunt Tay have been counting down the days even longer than we have. Your cousins, undoubtedly, have tons of plans for you.

We – this family and this village – have been looking forward to your arrival for longer than I could ever possibly describe. My dear child – always know that you’ve been insanely loved well before you were ever born.