Making resolution progress with HelloFresh – claim a freebie!

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I’m reasonably certain that, at the start of this month, I mentioned that I generally do not love resolutions. That still stands.

However, over the course of January 2019, I’ve kept this promise to myself. I’ve written every damn day.

Ok, ok – there were a handful of days in there where we were trapped in a blizzard in western Kansas and the cell signal was questionable at best. Then, Shanda and I were galavanting around downtown LA everything was way too cool to keep a laptop in tow. During those days, I didn’t write. But – I am working my way back in time to ensure there were posts to cover them. For now, that counts.

The month also kicked off Aaron and I’s attempt at not eating out for every meal of our days. This sounds simple enough – but both being busy on-the-run types, we formed a really bad habit of going out to eat constantly. Toward the end of last year, it was taking a toll on our waistbands and wallets – so we came up with a plan.

I started ordering HelloFresh boxes about 3 weeks ago and it’s been seriously amazing. I haven’t tried the food kits since a few summers back – but I remember being frustrated with the excess servings and how often I wouldn’t get through all of the cooking in a week. Oh, the woes of the single lady.

HelloFresh has been working seriously well for us though. We’ve had 4 meals per week – all cheaper and healthier than we would be having otherwise. And that still leaves room for a dinner with friends or fancy date night.

So far, so great. He loves that they’re not my crazy carb-free diet and I love that we’re fed in about 20 minutes or less. I also love that I can help make dinner despite being the world’s least creative chef.

It’s a win-win-win-win for us. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress – but as far as not having resolutions goes, I’ve got a good start on the new year!

PS – Want a free week of HelloFresh for yourself? I have some codes to share! Drop your email address in the comments and I’ll send this tasty freebie your way! Cheers!