Firecracker corn

Grilled Firecracker Corn Recipe

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Independence Day marks one thing in my family: my grandma’s annual Fourth of July party. Over the past 49 years, friends, family and neighbors have gathered on the family farm to enjoy deliciously cooked pot luck meals, drinks, conversation and plenty of space for blowing things up.

Firecracker Corn

With so much delicious food on one table, it’s hard to decide on a contribution that will really pop. But this year, I’m considering one of my personal favorite summer foods. Grilled Firecracker Corn is not only super simple, but it packs a delicious burst of flavor that’s sure to earn ooo’s and ahh’s at any cookout.

You’ll need corn, unsalted butter, pink salt, black pepper, paprika and Parmesan cheese. Like it or not, the super fine stuff you use on pizza actually works best.

Firecracker Corn

While you can buy your corn without husks, I always like mine covered. Something about shucking my own corn reminds me that I’m still a farm girl at heart. If you’re on board with that, start by getting that corn shucked.

Once clean, rub each ear of corn with butter. There’s not much strategy or a set amount — just make sure you have good coverage so the seasonings stick.

Firecracker Corn

Sprinkle salt, pepper, paprika and Parmesan on each ear. Be sure to roll the corn as you go so that it’s covered from all sides. There may be some excess seasoning on the plate. Save it!

Take it to the grill! Once your corn is seasoned, you’re ready to get cooking. I set my grill for “high” and place the corn on the bottom rack closest to the burners. Some of the seasoning will escape into the grill. If you’d prefer more flavor, pile some of the extra seasoning from the plate onto the top of the corn. After about 10 minutes, flip the ears and allow to continue cooking.

Firecracker Corn

Typically, my corn is ready to go within 20 minutes — but it’s always a guessing game depending on what else is on the grill. I love a bit of char on my veggies, so my fool-proof “how do I know it’s done?” tip: wait until a few kernels start to char and the Parmesan looks golden.

When ready, remove the ears from the grill and allow to cool a bit. Then, dig in! Once cooked, you can also remove the corn from the cob for hassle-free eating.

Firecracker Corn

Drooling yet? You’ll be seeing fireworks with the awesome flavor of this amazing cookout classic. Give it a try this weekend and let us know how it goes!