Gift experiences not things

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The number of times I’ve heard friends request “experiences, not things” for their kids this holiday season has totaled on the verge of obnoxious. As a long-time listener, first-time caller – I’ve been silently gifting experiences for years. All-the-while, I’ve also been super self-conscious that everyone truly hated the concept.

Look who’s trendsetting now.

With renewed self-confidence in my role as the “cool aunt,” I put some extra effort into the experience gifting this year. I was tired of showing up empty-handed with a gift that seemed a bit last-minute despite weeks of planning and consideration. So, to solve all my hesitations with experience gifts, I designed custom gift certificates to deliver to the munchkins in sparkly red envelopes. 

Weeks later, I was still seeing friends post on Facebook about the desires to give their kids experiences. At this point, it occurred to me that maybe others can use this certificate idea too. So, I set up shop on Etsy.

Now, you can give the greatest gifts of every season with a printer, pair of scissors and an ink pen. Experience gift certificates ensure an awesome gift is waiting for your VIP later in the year – spreading the holiday joy through the whole calendar.

Bonus points: because these things are so simple to print at home, they’re the ultimate last-minute gift option that leaves the decision-making pretty open-ended. Gift an “epic adventure” today and decide just what that will be later. Gift a “movie night” now but wait for a truly awesome flick to hit the theaters next award-season. These DIY downloadable, printable and giftable certificates are, literally, the absolute best.