3 vintage words you need to use more often

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Today, we’re road tripping. Inevitably, Aaron and I find random tangents for conversation – typically spurred by something weird I said and then promptly started Googling for more information.

In the present moment, it’s caddywompus.

Use it in a sentence? I-35 runs caddywompus from Kansas City to Wichita.

For real. It’s a thing. Of course, my search also revealed that it can be pronounced catawampus:

catawampus [kat-uh-wom-puh s]

askew; awry.positioned diagonally; cater-cornered.

diagonally; obliquely:

1830–40 for earlier sense “utterly”; cata- diagonally (see cater-cornered) + -wampus, perhaps akin to wampish

Naturally, the next up was the never-ending debate on catty-corner versus kitty-corner – which, while searching for caddywompus, I discovered could also be cater-cornered.

cat·​ty-cor·​ner | \ ˈki-tē-ˌkȯr-nər,  ˈka-tē-, ˈka-tə-\

variants: or catty-cornered
less common spelling of KITTY-CORNER

in a diagonal or oblique position

And then, of course, I remembered my new year commitment to coddiwomple.

Which…it turns out…is not a vintage word at all. Unless experts with awareness far superior to mine are wrong in their research, coddiwomple is a fairly recent addition to the societal lexicon. That being said – the heart behind it is still badass.


(v.) To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

Despite it’s lack of being an actual recognized word – I love it’s meaning and purpose. So much so, last month, I swore I’d use it more often.

Friends, you should too. Let’s go for a caddywampus coddiwomple to the catty corner.