M&K Food Reset – Eggs

A key component of the M&K reset is that you “unlock your food code.” You literally strip down your diet into some very clean basics that allow your gut and body some time to heal. Then, you start adding foods back in and tracking how you feel as you go. This gives you some obnoxiously cool insight into how different foods impact your body. In the end, you figure out what works best for you to healthily maintain your own body instead of conforming to the latest weight loss trend.

The first food to work its way back into my diet was eggs. At day 6, I got my eggs back – and dude, was I stoked.

I love eggs in a real weird way. I even mentioned to Tandy that while shopping for the reset, I was near tears when I realized that I didn’t get to buy eggs for the first 5 days. That was a real thing. Coffee, I can live without. Sugar, I want to cut. Carbs, I don’t always crave. Dairy, I actually don’t like. But eggs. Eggs are my jam.

I started with egg white on day 6. Then, egg yolk on day 7. And, finally a full egg on day 8.

Still fighting some headaches from the exhaustion overload of the holidays, I tried to tune into just what feeling I gained from the eggs alone.

Bliss, mostly. Maybe it was just the egg-citement (#dadjokes), but I definitely felt energized adding them to my dinners. While quick to prep, it also felt good actually taking the time and effort to cook for myself too.

My gut did a bit of gurgling shortly after eating the egg whites both days, but quickly settled without any other weirdness. Yolks have been no problemo, although I don’t actually like them unless they’re soft on a sunny side up. So, there’s that. Still, I’m so overjoyed for fried, yolky deliciousness that pretty much any reaction is a fate worth risking.

I’ll continue to keep tabs on how things go as I hard boil, fry and scramble them. Generally, though, it feels like we’re in the clear with these puppies! Whew. I’m pretty confident that removing them from my diet entirely would have been the official end of the world.

Mat & Kitchen Food Reset
From November 21 to December 31, 2016, Laura is completing the Mat & Kitchen Food Reset and sharing her experience through posts like this one. For more information about Mat & Kitchen, the reset or memberships, visit matandkitchen.com. See more posts about Laura’s reset experience or follow along on Instagram for the latest updates!


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