Portfolio Peek: Star Wars

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The design world will take you on some pretty epic adventures. I’m humbled to say that one of them involved a galaxy far far away. A few short years ago I dove headfirst into a partnership project between Lucasfilm and Garmin International. We created a series of landing pages to promote and sell Star Wars character voices and vehicles for Garmin auto navigation.

Portfolio Peek: Star Wars | Take a look inside the portfolio of MARKETMOX owner Laura Noll.

Before the release of The Force Awakens, I hadn’t seen a single Star Wars film. Culturally, I knew plenty — but I never did entirely grasp the magnitude of photoshopping DARTH VADER — the real Darth Vader — into my pages until I finally caved to seeing a part of the story for myself years later. As X-wings and TIE Fighters blazed across the screen in this new movie — I couldn’t help but stare in complete shock. I. Photoshopped. That.

The 3D renderings of these incredible pieces of cinematic history were on my laptop staring right back at me for months and I had never even realized what was happening. I was contributing, even in the smallest of ways, to an unbelievable brand — and, now, I see how truly insane that is.

The success of the Star Wars project would lead to many more partnership releases including The Simpsons with Gracie Films, Wallace and Gromit with Aardman and Cookie Monster, Oscar, Count and Bert & Ernie with Sesame Street Workshop. All. Incredible.

The Simpsons

Sesame Street

Reliving every moment of the newest film in my mind, I can’t help but feel amazing pride in having had the opportunity to support these brands. As we take off on this sure-to-be-unbelievable adventure that is MARKETMOX, it’s pretty awesome to be able to say that the Force is with us — literally — in the portfolio.

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