Holiday DIY product photos for small business makers

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The holidays present huge opportunities for small businesses to show of their wares and boost sales. However, it’s perfectly reasonable that not all makers have a photography budget that allows for seasonal photography of the product. Worry not! I have a few quick tips for capturing DIY product photos that will inspire orders without breaking the bank.

While I do have a pretty epic collection of photography gear – I want to highlight that I captured the following photos for Krash Design with the most basic of set ups. I used:

Focus on the product

Especially when you intend to use the images for online orders, be sure to provide detailed, close shots of the product. Grand lifestyle images are wonderful for cover photos, ads and more – but detail helps shoppers to be sure that what they’re ordering is exactly what they expect. Good close-up photography will help them to make that decision while also lowering your returns later in the season.

Add a hint of holiday

To emphasize the gift-worthiness of the earrings, I wanted to use a holiday-esque backdrop. With my Christmas tree sitting front and center of our house, it was a natural pick. I gently tucked the earring cards into the tree one-by-one.

Using a soft blur created by portrait mode on my Pixel 2 XL, I was able to capture the hint of sparkly lights and bulbs in the background of each shot. The result was a whimsical close up of the product that felt hyper-Christmasy.

Use natural light

Our Christmas tree was conveniently positioned in front of a large window. Cardinal rule #1 of tree decorating is to never forget about the back side of the tree – and that was critical in this case. I used the side and back of the tree to snap the shots – taking advantage of the window to cast a soft natural light across the product. This gave me sharp, bright photos that made the product look crisp and professional despite my low-budget efforts.

Finding proper light may very well be the best return on your time investment when planning a DIY shoot for your products. Good lighting will help you to achieve the best possible result, regardless of the equipment or surroundings you’re using. Take advantage of early or late-day sunshine through windows or bounce bright make up or vlogging lights around the room to get a clean effect.

Take time to do a little clean up

If you’ve taken full advantage of the tips above, your editing time should be fairly minimal. Still, it’s an important step in the process that shouldn’t be ignored. I love the Snapseed app on my phone.

Before sharing, all photos go through a fast series of color correction and brightening to ensure they reflect my own style and preferences. I’d recommend playing with the following settings to find the look you like most:

  • White balance
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Highlights/shadows
  • Tilt and crop
  • Warm/cool tones

That’s it! You did it! You made pretty pictures! Have different tips or tricks for grabbing that perfect snap? Let me know what you do on Twitter at @lauranoll!